I Just Want This Weekend to Be Over

Hopefully this will be a shorter post but I had a little life lesson this past week/this weekend that I wanted to share. It is the beginning of May which starts the season of busy-ness. We have high school proms, graduations, graduation parties, cookouts, vacations, summer jobs, internships, retreats, summer camps, etc.

This weekend has been super busy for me. I had a paint night/human traffic awareness event Friday night that I was leading a painting demo for. Saturday morning was my church’s annual ladies tea that I played/sang a song for. Saturday night we celebrated one of my best friend’s birthdays. Sunday morning was my turn to sing on our church’s worship team so we were there extra early for rehearsal before the service. And finally, this evening I will have Bible Study.

In talking to my mom earlier in the week about my busy schedule she echoed my exhaustion due to her own crazy schedule and made a comment that got me thinking. “I just can’t wait for this weekend to be over.” “I will be so glad once the week is done.” “If I can just make it to the end of the month.” We have all said or thought these things during the busy times in our lives, myself included. But here’s the thing…I don’t want to just get through my weekend.

This weekend was filled with things that I love and enjoy. It was filled with people that I love and enjoy. So why would I just want to “get it over with” ??? I get that we live in a busy, over-scheduled society. We are so used to being on the go that when we don’t have something to do we almost go stir crazy. And then all at once we might have a week where we literally don’t do anything outside of the things we have to (like school or work) because we’re burned out.

This week I made a conscious effort to still prepare for the things that I had coming up but then to rest so that I could enjoy my busy weekend. It just happened that all my commitments fell on the same weekend so sometimes we don’t have control over our schedules. But when we do…slow it down. It is okay to tell people no or have to push social engagements back a bit so you can enjoy what you are doing in the here and now.

That’s the other thing…be present. Be in the here and now. I was SOOOO incredibly blessed and filled up this weekend (even though I did a lot of serving others) because I slowed down and I enjoyed each activity I had planned. I was not stressing or thinking about what the next thing was. By being in the here and now, I had some awesome conversations, laughed until my mouth and sides hurt, got completely lost in the presence of God, and got to actually enjoy doing things that I love…singing, being creative, empowering & encouraging women, laughing with my best friends!

So whether you CAN control your schedule and not be so busy, or you have to roll with the commitments set in place, be present and in the here and now. We only get one life. Moments pass us by and we don’t get them back. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to miss opportunities to do and be great simply because I was just waiting for all the “things to be over”.  Don’t miss what God has for you. Don’t miss the people you can bless and be blessed by. Slow down. Rest. Be filled up. I get that sometimes we just go, go, go and there is no way around that. But again, how we handle our circumstances makes a big impact on the quality of life we live!


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