Turn Off Netflix, Get Off Your Lazy Bum

So this is going to be exceptionally short and sweet (for me, haha). After a week of going non-stop and a weekend jam packed with activity all I wanted to do this afternoon was sit on my keester and do nothing. The problem with that…I have an energetic dog that doesn’t like sitting still for too long. I had gone to church this morning, run errands after, and then went to Panera for lunch and to get some work done.

I just wanted to sit, watch some Netflix, and relax before jumping back into my busy week. But after repeated assault with wet nose and some high pitched whining by my four legged companion, I paused my Netflix and got off my lazy bum. I went down stairs, harnessed Georgie up, and off we went for an evening stroll. I didn’t realize that it had rained earlier in the afternoon as we were headed down our normal path; down to the herb garden, past the police station, and back home.

Once we got to the herb garden I started taking some pictures as Georgie helped herself to the peppermint plant. As we started to head back home, I looked up at the sky and that’s when I really felt it. The sky after the rain was breathtaking! I love sunsets so much so each one I see always brings joy to my heart but tonight was different. I literally had a moment of feeling overwhelmed. The colors and clouds in the sky were like a massive blanket right over me and not just a picture far off in the distance. I felt like God had waited until just the right moment to give me this beautiful gift…but I almost missed it.


There’s a difference between being lazy and being restful. I needed to take my dog for a walk but I didn’t want to because I was being lazy. When I finally got my bum up and addressed my responsibilities I was up and around for even more than I had bargained for. God gave me this incredible moment, this incredible scene and it was something that was personal to me. It touched MY heart. So I guess as I was walking back I just had this profound moment. There are times that we need rest, yes. But then there are times when we are just being lazy and it was like God was staying stop being lazy because I want to bless you.  And bless me he did. And I praised him for it. Right there in the middle of the parking lot of the police station which is next to the herb garden I literally sang these words outloud:

“God of wonders beyond our galaxy. You are Holy, Holy.

The universe declares your majesty. You are Holy, Holy.”


So turn off the Netflix or whatever it is that you’ve gone from resting with to just being lazy about and get off your bum! You never know what gifts God has waiting to bless you with!


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