Strength in Being Broken

God is so big and has so much to teach us. Sometimes he spreads out the lessons and other times they come one right after the other. Seasons of healing and refinement are difficult and raw, but they are so sweet. After a week of realizing all these fears, inadequacies, and insecurities...God gave me a …

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Hello: I’m the Insecure New Girl

  It’s 3:32 in the morning and I can’t sleep. My mind is alive. So many new things this week, today. Why do we care so much what people think? Why? For the first time in my life I’m the new girl. I’m the new girl in a non-professional setting and I have to say …

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Am I a Failure?

A people pleaser with fear can manifest into several different things. For me, I'm finding it triggers inadequacy and fear of failure. A couple of days ago I was asked what my New Year's resolution was and as I stumbled for my answer, I was faced with something that I didn't realize I was struggling …

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